Application Transformation

Based on extensive industry experience, we create the best development and architectural strategies to move our customers legacy application to the cloud quickly and securely.

Why You Need Application Transformation?

Ever-evolving customer demands force companies to innovate quickly. The challenge is that most software developers work with legacy applications that reside on outdated platforms that use antiquated tools. This often hinders the migration of information to the cloud and manual processes can also compromise new software releases. Drawing on extensive industry experience, Brams combines the best development and architectural strategies to migrate legacy applications to the cloud quickly and securely.

While there are many solutions to help streamline and manage data infrastructure, application
re-architecture (or SaaS re-platforming) delivers the most value for digitization. The most effective solutions will help your company:

  • Increase efficiency through improved estate utilization and reduced fixed costs.
  • Increase differentiation through improved insight.
  • Improve agility through leaner operations that can be scaled to meet demand.
  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Optimizing your organization’s cloud technology and simplifying the application estate are both essential to facilitate the adoption of new systems such as Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) design; Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) alignment; and containerization strategy.

  • Application Transformation Strategy

    This entails organizational alignment (people, processes and technology) to the solutions architecture and methodologies that determine the most cost-effective Application Transformation journey.

  • Migration Planning

    Before you select the technologies that are most suitable for your business, a migration strategy provides a fail-proof framework to forecast the resources required and the risks of implementing new systems.

  • Application Transformation

    This involves optimization, development and the deployment of new applications to the cloud and includes testing, documentation and training.

Partner Solutions

Google Cloud Platform, Application Transformation

Google Cloud Platform offers a range of hosting services that are designed for computing, storage and application development.

Microsoft Azure, Application Transformation

Through Microsoft-managed data centers, Microsoft cloud will assist your organization with building, testing, deploying and managing applications and services.