Insurance & Finance

When it comes to insurance and finance, core processes such as customer due diligence, payment transactions and credit risk management are moving to the cloud.

New challenges in financial services

In an increasingly complex, unstable and competitive environment, financial services must focus on providing excellent service to their customers, strengthening data security and ensuring their competitiveness in the face of the rise of Fintechs

Digitalization makes it possible to meet these objectives by automating repetitive tasks in the financial and insurance fields, simplifying the processes concerning an increasing number of data to be processed and reducing operational costs and processing times.

Users can then focus on activities with higher added value requiring the implementation of strategic skills.

The use of services by customers is also facilitated since they become more autonomous (contactless payment, online accounts and banks and the Open Banking)

Brams will support you in the implementation of new it solutions for financial services:

Insurance & Finance
  • Regulations: Regulatory evolutions are changing the market and encouraging banks to be more transparent in their management and to strengthen their security systems (Basel I, II, III)
  • Cyber ​​security tools 
  • Data management tools to cross data accounting with data management
  • Mobility tools available to managers on tablet or mobile.
  • Collaborative tools to make several departments work on the annual reference document or the budget.
  • Artificial intelligence to better predict turnover or to identify weak signals to anticipate a delay or on-payment

Case Studies

Insurance & Finance, media
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Insurance & Finance
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Insurance & Finance
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