Transport & Logistics

E-commerce and the emergence of ‘actors’ in reducing the use of intermediaries between users and operators challenge this sector. New technologies must be adopted to ensure survival and growth.

The digital revolution: a significant growth driver for the transport sector

With the rise of e-commerce, transportation has become a fast-paced service with consumers also having assimilated that the cost of transportation will reduce or even become free.

D+1 delivery and return logistics are all strategic challenges that profoundly modify the logistics organizations of companies concerned with meeting demands for traceability, collaboration and extended visibility.

Brams offers you a set of solutions for the digital transformation of your supply chain (set of supply chain links: purchasing, inventory management, handling, storage, distribution, delivery …) to:

  • Respond faster to limit supply chain disruptions impact
  • Manage stocks, anticipate customer needs
  • Deliver on-demand and reduce delivery times
  • Make transport services more flexible, innovative and efficient
  • Increase visibility
  • Develop practices adapted to user needs
  • Improve customer service, and product offers in real-time
  • Offer a better customer experience

Case Studies

Transport & Logistics

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Transport & Logistics

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Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)

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