Construction & Real Estate

Alternative technologies, easy access to information, improved standards and the ability to adapt to emerging behaviors has created a new set of challenges in the construction sector.

Digitization, an opportunity for professionals in the construction and real estate sector

The ecological transition, the more demanding standards in terms of quality, new forms of mobility, the evolution of customer-supplier relationships (tailor-made products, extremely high and flexible service levels…) lead professionals to adapt to satisfy their customers and shorten their delivery times.

Buildings must be even more personalized, modular and connected to IOT. They must make it possible to monitor performance indicators and optimize parameters such as energy, safety or even criteria related to the health of the occupants.

The necessary digital evolution (source of opportunities in terms of profitability, customer experience, and differentiation) of the sector can become a threat if it is ignored.

Brams can help clients succeed in adopting different paths:

  • Develop productivity at work: Project management software and Cloud
  • Reduce construction and maintenance costs: new technologies and drones to supervise the monitoring of a site using connected cameras, software to ensure technical management (CTM/BMS) and building maintenance (CMMS).
  • Minimize the consequences of human error: BIM, Digital plans
  • Increase safety conditions on construction sites with IOT

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