Health & Pharma

Digital technology is crucial for transformation in the pharmaceutical industry, which faces increasing pressure with personalized medicine, industry regulations, risk management, and competitive intensity.

The evolution of digital technology for patients care

In the digital age, technological innovations in the health sector are disrupting the relationship between professionals and hyper-connected informed patients.

These professionals have now, with Big Data, access to a mass of data that they need to know how to process and use to improve the quality of care and personalize treatments. The use of digital tools that can be used for these types of implemented.

Our goal is to support them in their digitalization process by ensuring compliance with regulations related to data, professional secrecy, ethical obligations, and security.

Brams can implement, for you, digital tools allowing data storage and promoting interactions between healthcare professionals and patients

Health & Pharma
  • Data processing
  • Electronic health card
  • Electronic prescriptions
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Online appointment booking
  • Tele-consultation
  • Applications allowing patients to be followed up as part of their treatment (reminders, information and good practices)

Case Studies

Health & Pharma

Pharma firms track drug returns in the cloud, save millions of dollars


Global pharmaceutical company drives digital collaboration with Microsoft 365 and Yammer

Health & Pharma
Monohakobi Technology Institute

With a cloud and open source solution, MTI moves away from on-premises servers, strengthens security, and increases speed