Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 brings together a set of applications that allow you to use the latest version of Microsoft Office to take advantage of new ways of working thanks to the IT tools essential to the smooth and smooth running of your organization. This solution is distinguished by its reliability and the very high level of security allowing you to better manage and protect your data. It also allows you access to a set of Cloud services (such as OneDrive, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Yammer, etc.) Multi-devices (accessible from several terminals: PC, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.).
Microsoft 365 has everything you need to help you organize your everyday work

Productivity anywhere: With the cloud, you can use popular Office apps on your PC, tablet, and smartphone anywhere, in the office or on the go.

Simplified communication Thanks to the communication functions (chat, videoconferencing and desktop sharing), you can work in a team without restriction, wherever you are.

Infinite Modularity Microsoft 365 grows with your business. We quickly add or remove the licenses of your employees.

Always up to date With your Microsoft 365 subscription, you are automatically up to date with the latest version and protected from security breaches – all without IT knowledge or wasted time.

Save material and energy With the cloud-based solution, all your data is securely backed up externally, so you no longer need a local server infrastructure. This will reduce your energy and material costs.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 and BRAMS services

Hassle-free transition When you order Microsoft 365 through BRAMS, we support you during installation and configuration. The result: you save time and don’t need IT knowledge to switch to Microsoft 365.

Work without worry Want to know how to forward your emails while on vacation or how to share a folder with OneDrive? Our user support provides you with fast and efficient help in all national languages.

More reasons to choose Microsoft Office 365

  • Assigning your licenses to your tenant (domain name)
  • Add / remove users in a few clicks
  • Existing migration service
  • Shared storage space
  • Work together from anywhere
  • Data security and protection

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