Business Intelligence

The ability to observe consumer behaviour and derive useful information from the data is business intelligence. As a tool, BI will help you analyze risks, cut expenses and make smart business decisions. Managing and analyzing the stream of data the organization produces, though, will quickly exhaust the money.

Enormous Growth in Data is Coming, an enterprise data architecture is the foundation you need to prepare for that wave and prosper from it.

Data can be difficult to manage especially if it’s based on rigid and aging architectures. This can result into some common challenges:

  • Inability to get quick insights from Business data.
  • Inability to process data in real-time or near real time
  • Difficulty gathering, processing and using data.
  • Loss of information in the process requiring human intervention
  • Difficulty automating processes

Brams expert help you

Data & Analytics strategy

Brams will help you setup the foundation to leveraging data as an asset and driving your business forward. It’s not a patch job for your data problems. It’s a long-term, guiding plan that defines the people, processes, and technology to put in place to solve your data challenges.

Data & Analytics strategy

Brams supports businesses building a modern data architecture that eases the access to – and promotes usage of – large volumes of data from traditional and non-traditional sources. We build secure and adaptable architectures to help our customers overcome the common challenges that arise from rigid or aging architectures

Data & Analytics strategy

The true potential of data is still untouched by many organizations. Powerful tools and data science techniques available today allow any company with a lot of data to get started with machine learning – not just those large organizations with vast resources.


Data Architecture services:

1- Data warehouses and Data marts

We build advanced data models based on tried-and-true techniques. Our team of researchers and doctors will support you build a central and governed data warehouse for your structured and semi structured assets. Be it a data warehouse, data lake or a hybrid approach, we’ll advise you on the right option for your data strategy.

2- Enterprise Data Architecture

Cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid–we build secure and flexible data architectures that promote the use of high quality, relevant, and accessible data. Built to grow along with your business, a solid data architecture supports your analytics needs, including business intelligence, data science, custom applications, and regulatory reporting.

Data Science Services:

1- Data Science Readiness Assessment

Discuss what you want to predict, and we'll tell you what it will take to get there. We'll review your current data, processes, technology, and infrastructure to identify initiatives you could undertake immediately and where you may need to invest more time and effort. Then, you get a plan to initiate a data science program that addresses your organizational goals.

2- Build and Deploy Machine Learning Models

We can prepare your data and build powerful machine learning models using R, Python, or other modern tools on the market. By then integrating these models into your existing reporting platform, you gain richer analysis and more insight inside the tools you already know.

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization services:

1- Business Intelligence Software Selection

We review, select, and implement the best modern BI tool for your business needs. We have a long, successful history with BI software, and we’ll help you sift through the noise in our crowded industry.

2- Data Viz Assessments and Health Checks

We get to know your business, KPIs, and business drivers to make recommendations for better reporting and interactive dashboards that allow you to understand your data in new ways.

3- BI Implementations

Our consultants are highly trained to deploy enterprise-wide analytics solutions and optimize current implementations. We can do full scale deployments, customizations, automate reports, perform technical upgrades and configurations, and design for self-service across the company.

4- Training Services

We offer custom training and mentoring for your BI tools so that your team has the knowledge they need to be successful and productive. Coupled with a user adoption plan, we ensure you make the most of your BI tool investment.

Data And Analytics Stategy:

1- Data Strategy Assessment

We'll assess your current data and analytics issues and develop a complete data strategy, including a step-by-step plan to achieve long-term goals. Nobody wants to pay a vendor to come in and tell them what they already know – that’s why at the end of your assessment, you’ll be equipped with a customized plan for how exactly to move forward.

2- Data Governance Program

Focuses on the people and process part of achieving and maintaining success with data and analytics. We will help establish a formal data governance program, with guidance on committee composition and charter, and can even facilitate meetings as a neutral third party.

4- Data Science Readiness

We will discuss what you want to predict and tell you what it will take to get there. After a review your current data, processes, technology, and infrastructure, we'll identify initiatives you can undertake immediately and which areas you may need to invest more time and effort. At the end, you'll get a plan that lays out steps to initiate a data science program.

3- BI Tool Selection

We will help you cut through the noise from software vendors and review, select, and implement the best BI tools for your business needs. We can help you do it right the first time to save time and money.