Your Business Email solution

Today, businesses rely more than ever on their messaging and collaboration servers. This dependency means that a method for sending e-mails or creating software for group work is insufficient. Businesses require a comprehensive messaging platform that includes the tools to build rich collaboration applications. Microsoft Exchange Server is just that platform. Microsoft Exchange Server has the following features: compact messaging foundation, connectivity and co-existence, common and familiar tools for collaboration, management and administration. Compact messaging seat is a messaging platform that is nothing without a compact seat. Microsoft Exchange Server is scalable, reliable and secure. It offers a field of accessibility and high level performance. Exchange Server offers the tools to help you harness current knowledge.

Get Outlook

Stay connected with Microsoft Outlook, it’s the most powerful way to manage your personal and business data. Advanced features include electronic chat management, the ability to combine multiple email accounts, synchronization with your mobile phone, automation of common tasks and the ability to chat with your social networks through Outlook.

  • Share your agenda and / or your address book with your employees!
  • Manage your emails safely with powerful anti-spam and anti-virus software that is always up to date.
  • Get the functionality of Microsoft Exchange without investing in an expensive server that will quickly become obsolete.
  • Send and / or receive your emails wherever you are, access your Outlook® wherever you are, from your laptop or smartphone

Transfer your existing data easily

If you already have Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, or 2010 emails hosted elsewhere, transferring your existing data is quick and easy with no loss of data or availability.

Access your email anywhere.

With Exchange Server 2013, you have the freedom to securely access your email from any platform, web browser, wherever you are. iPhone and Windows Mobile are fully supported.

Securing Your Mail

Vala Bleu frees you from the administration of your company’s mail servers and takes care of all administrative functions as well as server security: management of the operating system, installation of patches, reinforcement of security, backup and archiving of your data…

Cloud Services with BRAMS

Thanks to our expertise as a benchmark IT integrator in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, we successfully support your Cloud projects from start to finish, until their final realization.
You’ll benefit from a single point of contact for all your IT needs as well as quick availability of new IT resources on demand, giving you great agility.
And to simplify the Cloud for you, we set up a dedicated service for the administration of your Cloud services, so you can benefits from a :

  • Real-time Consumption Monitoring
  • Tracking Tickets And Requests For Services
  • Management Of Services
  • Tracking Your Invoices And Orders
  • Request For Additional And Personalized Services
  • Audit And Safety Report