brams - cloud computing

"Don't manage your IT,
manage your business
in the Cloud."

brams and vision

"The correlation of information
powered by Google,
Far more powerful than
a simple information."

brams business intelligence

"All your business
at your fingertips,
Anytime & Anywhere."

brams google search appliance
"Finding an information is easy...
Finding relevant information
is the power
of Google Search Appliance."
brams google data center

"Big-Data is Big Knowledge. Master it to grow your business.
If you can imagine it,Google can handle it."

Brams - G Suite

G Suite

Send e-mails everywhere and from everywhere.

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Drive for Work

All your work, safe, available everywhere and easy to share.

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Brams - Google Search Appliance

Search for Work

The Secure and universal search engine for your business.

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Cloud Platform

Build. Store. Analyze.

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Think cloud with us

At Brams we pride ourselves in bringing the best of innovation and technology to the enterprise world.

For us this means Cloud Computing and we have successfully brought the benefits of this technology to corporations around the world.
The competitive landscape across industries is pressuring organisations to be more responsive with an increasingly collaborative and innovation oriented corporate culture.

Our product portfolio seeks to enable just that, while reducing your IT infrastructure costs and empowering your employees to work from anywhere, anytime, all the while providing the greatest level of security.